Books have the power to educate, inspire, create connections, and remove barriers.  Uniquely Me’s mission to spread awareness through education begins with you.  Join the inclusion revolution!

Education and awareness break barriers, leading to understanding and inclusion.  It helps remove the stigma and the fear of the unknown.  We know the power of being seen and understood.  All children and adults want to see themselves in the books they read.  However, less than 3% of children’s books share representation of disabilities, even though disability makes up 25% of the population.  Representation in books not only celebrates our kids, friends, and family for who they are but teaches others that those differences and disabilities are normal and a part of the community we all share.  Education increases awareness, which enables more access and provides future generations with the power to make the future inclusive.

We are excited to share the power of inclusion through our outreach programs; presenting in schools, to professionals, donating books to classrooms, and connecting families to resources.  Thank you for celebrating our uniquely me community. 

“A child or adult with a limb difference is not sad or in need of pity.  Simply because their body works or looks differently than others does not mean it’s wrong.


“Our differences are our strength, not our weakness”
Christina Cabral, Founder

Continuing our mission of celebrating our Uniquely Me community through education.

Uniquely Me Goals

  • Creating Awareness & Community Education
  • Providing Resources and Information
  • Donating books to educate about limb differences
  • Supporting new parents and donating books and uniquely perfect clothes for limb differences to NICU’s
  • Linking Families Together
  • Provider and Therapy Collaboration
  • Events to Bring Our Limb Different and TAR Community Together

Books start conversations!

  Uniquely Me Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit

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